Here is the foreseen schedule :
Friday afternoon, June 22, 2018 : 
Reception at the Centre International de Séjour after 4 pm :
Possible visit of the cemetery of one's nationality which are all near Reims, the furthest and most typical being the Russian 32 kms away...
where there is an orthodox chapel in logs, surrounded by birches, (берëз) recalling the chapels in Siberia and for those who would arrive soon enough ...
Maps of access to the surrounding cemeteries: French, German, English, American, Russian, Italian, Moroccan-Algerian-Tunisian etc ... will be distributed at the reception desk and a carpool with volunteer drivers in case needed will be organized : please reserve in advance by mail (2018reims (at) if you need a carpool.
Friday Night, June 22, 2018 :
Evening, near the CIS, in the nice gardens near by, near the lake, around a shared buffet : every one should/could bring a specialty of his/her own country to share for 6 to 10 people and a glass of a local beverage !... , guess which one !...  false answer : it will be cider from one of the biggest forests not far away, Forêt d'Othe !....
World music with Guitars, Banjo, Balalaïca, Harmonica, ViolinsTsiganes, Accordions, Choirs etc ...
Dances of the world !...
Our whole evening is for the fiesta of 100 years of peace : end at 23 h, 11 pm...
Saturday, June 23, 2018 :
Guided tour of the Cathedral, ascent to the Towers of the Cathedral for the more valid: More than 250 steps !, explanations on concrete beams imitating wood of the new frame built in 1922 by the brilliant Reims architect : Henri Deneux with funding from American Philanthrop John ROCKEFELLER, library Andrew CARNEGIE, funded by this other American billionaire since the previous library, located in the Town Hall, had burned during the war and ART DECO buildings throughout Cours Langlet, new avenue created on the rubbles of the collapsed houses of the City Center , Roman Place Forum Market, Place Royale with the statue of Louis XV etc ...
Welcome to City Hall in the late morning : to be confirmed ?
Lunch as you wish :
In a cafeteria Place d'Erlon : The famous square where "Rémois" = inhabitants of Reims get out, to stay connected in the city with all its cafes / terraces and the diversity of proposals of restaurations with menus from different countries of the world, accessible to all budgets.
In addition, there are several small citymarkets selling food like Monoprix and others for those who would prefer to picnic at Parc Colbert, nearby, and below the statue of our famous Reims Minister of Finance, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, during Louis XIV reign.
Afternoon :
Quick tour of the Museum of Surrender, near the Place d'Erlon, passing by and under the SNCF train station, then Saint Remi basilica: Rémi is the bishop who baptized CLOVIS in 496 in the early church, ancient Roman temple and it is this act which is at the origin of the Christianity of France...
Then at the end of the afternoon, visit of the famous Caves, which Tsar of Russia Peter the Great visited on 22 june 1717, on the mount Saint Nicaise, nearby, and classified in the World heritage of UNESCO since July 2016 : "Coteaux et Maisons de Champagne".


Saturday evening, June 23, 2018 from 7 pm:
Festive evening at the Protestant Parish Temple, boulevard Lundy, with music and champagne buffet, some words of reconciliations of a pastor, a philosopher and  from the Président of Servas India.
Sunday, June 24, 2018:
Wide choice,
- Participation in the March of Reconciliations from Chateau Thierry for Americanophiles and all those who wish towards the War Memorial for American soldiers in Belleau in the departement of Aisne, closed to Château Thierry, during WWI. Carpool will be organised from Reims.

visit of the Fort de la Pompelle :

- Village of Nauroy :

- visit of the russian cemetery, the orthodox church and chapel of Saint Hilaire le Grand :

- visit fo the village of Courcy, explanations about the only success, the one of the Russian troops, during the Nivelle attack in april 1917 :

- The funnel of  Berry au Bac :

NO RELATION WITH WWI, i.e. = tourism of discovery 


- Hiking in the Forest of the Faux de Verzy :

- Abbaye of Hautvilliers, place where the Monk DOM PERIGNON has succeeded to produce a sparkling wine after a second fermentation in the bottle : CHAMPAGNE  +/- 1680 and hiking in the sunny hillside of the Marne River through the wineyards

- Champagne cellar with huge shells, dating  300 000 000 years !..

 - Free  visits in the morning, with the proposal to visit the AMERICAN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, a hospital financed entirely by American funds and still managed in part by this US foundation, inaugurated in 1925 on the  windy heights of Reims (to avoid the toxic gas hints of the war)

 -  Gourmet meal with Champagne for lunch, a must if you have the means because Reims is also known worldwide for its gastronomy :

   High budget of 60 € to  300 €/person !...  3 establishements known and reknown...

Pic nic on sunday 24th of June 2018 :
Where each group of participating hickers will be ...Shared drinks.
Official end of the weekend :Sunday in late afternoon June 24, 2018.
Possibility to stay a couple of days more in Reims in a "Rémoise" Family through an active participation in the household tasks of the family with a spirit of goodwill and understanding between people, (see below)
Some families in Reims are really eager to receive in their home "foreigners" and sympathize with them to be able to participate, each family at its level, to create links across our small planet in order to promote peace in the world :
It is necessary to program this extension of stay several weeks in advance ....: